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  1. How i survive after day 5. I use a lot of servers. On my previous run i used 4 Portable server III. 4 servers + fusion is about 11 PWR per turn. There are still options to play without servers though. Also cloaks for everyone. Last time i bought 3 cloaks III in Nanofab vestibule. My agents who scout have 2 cloaks. Gear is more important than skills. Average price of good gear is about 1000. So are last skills. And cloak is better, than +1 ap. You can meet good stuff everywhere. So i carry money. I always carry a vault key which i never use. I need it in case everything goes wrong, to open an elevator door. Or you can use a vault key, to save exit key for the next missions. Door traps are awesome, they are able to take down anyone with any armour in quite a big radius. If everyone would carry a few door traps, the game to day 10 would be a cake walk. I never take anyone down without a reason and i never activate a daemon without a reason. Daemons don't stack, so you can sync and hack the same daemons in one turn. Nika and Tag pistol is good. For each shot she has +3 ap and she can shoot twice. Dr. Xu can take off heart monitors, so you can kill. Banks is usefull, so as Internationale.
  2. Bug Submission: Category: Balance Platform: Mac Issue Title: Is there a reason why Dr. Xu have less AP? Issue Description: Is there a reason why Dr. Xu have 1 point less AP than all the other agents with the same speed skill level? Steps to Reproduce: None
  3. TheocraticalGoblin Have you got your team' skills maxed at Day 7? If so, that's quick.