[Suggestion] Renewable Turf

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Forest/Grass/Deciduous turf should be renewable.

For example, you dug-out couple of deciduous turf. And during 20-30 or more days this no-turf hole overgrown. Nature regenerates.

It is logical and beautiful.
It has an aesthetic value.

Please, Klei! :-)

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I like the idea but on the other hand bushes, grass, trees and so on don't spread out on their own as far as I know. (Except flowers through bees.)


If the world replenishes ground it also should include spreading trees or grass, it would be logical at least. But that would totally screw over the way players have to look after their sorroundings, why bother planting trees when there will be new ones anyway.


But actually I don't have a problem with a game where ground turfs grow back and everything else just doesn't so: +1.

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