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Can't find friends' server

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I don't know if I can post this here or only in the bug-tracker section, maybe someone encounter the same issue.


I've just bought the access to the beta of Don't Starve Together for me and my girlfriend but we can't play together.


She use a macbook and I try with both my macbook or my Windows PC, we are all connected to the same Wifi network.


If one of us create a server, the other one can't see it. We try every possibilities:

- Offline

- Online > Online

- Online > LAN

- friend restricted

- with password

- full open

We never see the other's server in the list.


We can both join a third party server and it works, we are together, but we would like to host our own server for our private game.


The Steam indicator in lower right corner indicate "Online" for both, we don't have any mods installed.

Steam does not propose to join the friend.


What can we do?

Thank you.

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  • Developer

Hello @Romn,


Can you provide the log files of both the client and the server ?

Also,you can try to set up a LAN dedicated server on the windows computer and see if it works.

Thank you for the feedback  

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I solve the error totally deactivating Windows firewall (I tried before but only desactivated one, I didn't know there is  three different ones (Domaine profil, public profile, private profil)). When all three are disactivated it works.


Can you tell me exactly what rules I should setup to allow the game to work? (and it is strange that it doesn't set the rule itself).

It seems on the log that port 10999 is in cause.



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  • Developer


By default, the DST server is on the port 10999. If you open it for both incoming and outgoing connection, you should be able to host a server. 
If she want to host, she has to do the same on her side :)

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well the issue ive seen most people having lies with the antivirus web acess settings 


check if the antivirus you are using also has its own firewall and add exception to the game



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