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Category: General

Issue Title: [DEDICATED SERVER] Dedicated Server doesn't display properly

Issue Description: I have a dedicated server set up with the tool, but it doesn't show up properly in the server list.

If I turn on LAN server viewing, it shows up in there, but not in the main viewing. I have not used the -lan command parameter.

Even worse, other players CAN join it. I can see through the console window that other players have joined the server. Players that are not a part of my local network. And shouldn't be able to access my LAN.

I already tried getting a fresh server_token.txt, same thing happens.

Also, it is a modded server, and the console window says that it couldn't load modoverrides.lua.

Steps to Reproduce: -Create a dedicated server

-try to join it through the client

-Experience the awe and mystery of the Twilight Zone

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