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~ReOpening~ Wice The Frozen


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It has been more than a year now but I still want to finish my own,unique character~Wice~


Items: IceFang Boomerang



1)Wice doesn't mind cold (Immune to freeze) 

2)Wice struggles with heat(50% vulnerability to Heat)

3)When it rains he gains sanity 


Ability: Wice will call IceDerlings depending on his sanity level and the number of enemies that are around him.



1) Can Focus 1 enemy

2) Have 120 health

3) Deal 25 Damage

4) They die slowly if they spawn in summer


Maximum IceDerlings: 4


IceFang Boomerang:

1) Has 25 uses

2) Crafted by 4 Ice and 1 Boomerang (Doesn't need a science machine)

3) Deals 45 Damage and Freezes for 3 seconds ( When hit again the freeze doesn't reset)


Anyone that can help me with the art [art (Wise,IceDerlings,IceFang Boomerang) Please p.m. me or comment below. Thank you~

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