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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Cross Platform Multiplayer

Issue Description: Since this morning my windows computer can't find the any of the same servers as my girlfriends Linux computer, nor can we find each others hosted games. What happened to cross platform multiplier. Also i cant find some of servers I used to play on the explicitly said they were Linux based. Is this a general issue or is there a fix for us?

Steps to Reproduce: I(user name The Ogre) logged into steam and DST on my windows computer.

My GF(user name Gnarfenstein) logged into steam and DST on her linux computer.

I found some but not all of my usual servers

She found almost none

We looked through or list and could not find any matches at all

I hosted a server

She couldn't find it

She hosted a server

I couldn't find it

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  • Developer

Hello @TheOgre,

Can you give us more information your operating system version ?  (On Windows, go to System Properties, and in Linux terminal, type uname -a)

Also, can you upload the both complete logs files ?

Thank you for the feedback 

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