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The Hordes........

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..... Of griefers

I joined a New world, already inhabited by many people but not strong bases as it was early days, day 3 ish but I wondered the swamps, and forced an angry treeguard to help me stock up on weapons, then I went south for the north was dangerous, there I found beefalo, poop and humanity, so I looked for the main base but i was harassed by a horde of willows, each one wielded a lighter, whilst I was a starving Wolfgang with a tentacle spike, as they chased me through the night till dawn, where the base was found, 6 people was there, but I quickly took a meat stew and made my self strong pnce again, but the camp was a graveyard as hthe newly met strangers urged me on as I laid death to the griefers, one by one, but then I was named ... Murderer

Part 2 in next installment

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