So there are achievements for II in steam now

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I just realized, there are 19 achievements available, which also have names and descriptions now. Unfortunately, only 17 of 19 are available right now.


The 17 achievements I can see right now (I might fill the list later) are:


Attention to Detail
Steal from every safe in a level.

Contract Re-established
Survive for 24 Hours.

Ghost Moves
Beat a level without ever being spotted by a guard or camera on Beginner or Expert difficulty.

Nearing Confidence Treshold
Survive for 48 Hours.

The Limit
Beat a level after reaching Alarm level 6 in the level on Expert difficulty.

Target Resolved
Survive for 72 Hours.

Fully Equipped
Unlock every agent, agent alternate, and starting mainframe program.

Ant Society
Beat the game on Experienced difficulty.

Meat Machine
Install 4 augments on an agent.

Invisible Inc.
Beat the game on Expert difficulty.


Rebuilding the Firm
Survive 5 days in Endless mode.

Acceptable Host
Beat the game on Expert Plus difficulty.

Daemon Code
Beat the game with Faust and Brimstone.

Corporate Ladder
Survive 10 days in Endless mode.

Smooth Operator
Survive 5 days in Endless Plus mode.

Never Look Back
Beat the game with rewinds set to 0 on Expert difficulty.

Training Wheels
Beat the game on Beginner difficulty.



I must say, I like them. Most sound quite easy (coming from the gameplay experience of the early access build! We don't know, how the real gameplay will be!), but none of them sound particulary "annoying" or "stupid". It definitely adds more challenges for the game, and people who don't like achievements at all, can just ignore them i guess. For my part, i really feel the need to fulfil all achievements for Invisible Inc right now, and am as curious as ever about the release in Mai :-)


Feel free to discuss!



And it looks like you guys found indeed a new solution for "iron man mode". Why didn't anybody else think of that before? It makes so much more sense I think! (At least, if i interpret it right) And then you probably avoided the name dilemma as well? :p

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