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Dedicated server mod help!

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So I've dug through the wikia link for DST Dedicated Servers and managed to setup my dedicated server without too much hassle.

Except for the modding aspect. No matter what I do, I can not get mods working on my server. My server will not even register as modded at server selection.

Following the wikia, I have done the following..

Created dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua in the main server directory




Created modoverrides.lua in the main server directory


return {

    ["workshop-398326409"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-376333686"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-417874044"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-351325790"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-373991022"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-374550642"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-352499675"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-353697884"] = { enabled = true },
    ["workshop-345692228"] = { enabled = true }


I'm starting to get pretty frustrated here, and any help would be appreciated

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I finally got everything sorted out. I kept placing my dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua in my docs>Klei>DST_Server folder.

Additionally, when I started digging I realized that I completely overlooked my steamapps>common>DST Dedicated Server folder all together.

Placed my dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua in my DST Dedicated Server>Mods folder. That with placing the modoverrides.lua in docs>klei>DST Dedicated Server got everything running finally.


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