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Dragonfly Boxing

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So, while testing out a Playable Dragonfly mod, I had quite a lot of fun, and it created an interesting story.




So, I spawned in after time after time of crashing in attempt to get the mod to work.  Finally, I see my great, big, flylike body with buzzing wings and all, ready for a round of testing.  First of all, though, I needed to do the most important thing in testing, which is to fight something.  So, I spawn in deerclops, and after a growl, we get to it immediately.  Deerclops keeps swinging, but Dragonfly was faster.  He strikes a hit, so I fly away and activate my fire transformation, and get to it.  Kiting in and out of Deerclops' attacks, I deliver quick and punishing blows to my enemy as he tries to freeze me.  Rather quickly, after one more slap, the great beast falls to the ground.  I realized even though he scored a few hits, my health bar said barely anything happened.  I then realized Dragonfly has a lot of health in DST, and start having some general fun.  I activate my fire form, and go flying far and wide.  Then, I had to go do something, so I left Dragonfly alone...


Bad idea.


I came back, Dragonfly is out of his fire form, but I made the mistakes of AFKing on the outskirt of a forest, and a very large one at that.  Now, those unfamiliar with Dragonfly might not know is that while in fire mode, he makes things smolder, which leads them to burn.  By AFKing by one tree, I set the whole forest ablaze.  It made a really cool scene/arena, amongst the flaming trees, so i spawn in another Dragonfly and we start "boxing".  I was flaming, while my opponent stayed cool.  It was a giant slapfest, sometimes he would make lavae, but one blow would knock them out.  The fight took around 25 minutes, and finally my foe fell.  I had around 1000 health left, but  in Dragonfly's standards, its not much.  I then proceeded to kill all the other giants with ease, one shoted vargs, and was finally killed by an army of around 50 pigman.


Perhaps not an interesting story, but two things can be learned here.  One, there's a reason why Dragonfly no longer roams as she once did, and two, there's a reason why Dragonfly's don't kite.

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