[Gameplay] - Lureplants Destroy Item Immediately


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Lureplants Destroy Item Immediately

Issue Description: I'm not sure if this is intended, if it is, it makes the lureplant a lot less exciting. I've noticed this prior to ROG update. They seem to spit out some contents, but not much.

For example, I just died to one that spawned at my base, killed it in under 2 minutes, and it had pretty much "digested" my entire inventory, including hats, walking stick, stacks of food, etc. I believe only a tentacle spike made it out.

I noticed this previously and has assumed it was a bug or perhaps I didnt have a firm grasp of how the lureplant worked. Which may still be true, but destroying all of you items immediately seems a bit harsh.

Steps to Reproduce: Die with full inventory next to lureplant

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Normally, lureplants digest one item every 20 seconds, iirc.


So this seems like either it can digest multiple items at a time, or the rate at which it digests them has been sped up considerably.


In 2 minutes, it should only be able to digest 6 items.  : /

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Yeah, it definitely seems it isn't as intended. 
Even if it was eating entire stacks I wouldve had more left, I believe you have 17 slots, not including backpack (which survived).


And I definitely had a full inventory, with multiple stacks of items. 

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