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Can u guys help me with my problem, please?)

I plays in DST with my 2 friends only. Everyone of us have average notebook with same hardware performance (i have AMD Quad-Core A10-4600M processor, 6 Gb DDR3 Memory), no PCs.
One of us create new world.

Clients sometimes lag before 150-200 days (i guess notebook has too low hardware for hosting the game), and lags become much harder after 200-250 days.

How we can solve the problem? If one of us create dedicated server on his notebook - it will solve this problem? Or something else?


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Are you going to play lan??


Dedicated server application solves many lag problems


Since Im playing with my dedicated server, never have lag

Online, not lan.

We are from different cities.

That's why I ask for help, I do not know how better to solve problem with lags.

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Lags looks like drops back (especially when many dogs/frogs), sometimes do not open the chests / fridges 


When I played hosting the match lag made us dying lot of times..... rubberbanding, cant move, monsters hitting us from kilometers.....


Since I made my own server to play with my friends lag problems disappear

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