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EZ Summer fix

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The only real problem with summer is the fires that start everywhere you go. Keeping your self from overheating in the summer is just as manageable as  keeping yourself from freezing in the winter. The reason players get locked into their base is because stepping outside the range of your ice fling-o-matic. is a one way ticket to EverythingsBurningVille.  If spontaneous fire were limited to the daylight hours players could roam more freely during dusk/dawn. This simple fix would make summer much less of a boring waiting game, and further divide the strategy in summer from all other seasons. For one season a year, players would switch to nocturnal creatures rather than being forced to hibernate. 


A different fix that might work is to make heat waves perform more like rainfall then coldness... players would still be free to roam (still worry about overheating etc.) but at least the spontaneous fires would be limited to these weather events instead of constant. This way players could work but, when it is a heat wave they would be on high alert for spontaneous fires... currently players have to be on such a high alert for spontaneous fires the entire summer that no work can be done.

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Me and my friends working on a mod called "Creeps in the Deeps", planning to add to the current DS environment the concept of water. This would also involve adding RIVERS and RAINWATER collectors to the over world; both of these features are also planned to hep the player mitigate the extreme effect of summer on the gameplay. 

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