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Created Characters are quite fuzzy

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Hello Lovely People,


So I've spent a healthy amount of time creating a character for Don't Starve.  I've read the tutorials, followed the steps, and have stumbled my way into making it work.  The only issue that I have is that no matter what I do, my character always has that pixelated look around the edges.  I'm using the sample character template, and no matter how I put the images in, they always look ugly from shrinkage.  


The original characters from Don't Starve look good no matter how much you zoom in in the game, and many modded characters also look good zoomed in.  So how are you guys doing it?


I've used the tex tool to look at the original characters as well as some modded characters, and it looks like the png images for these characters are bigger than the sample character png images.


So how is it done?  What's the secret?  I'd like to make characters that look polished, but after many many hours of struggling, I've realized that it's something that I can't do without a little help.  Even a nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.





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use http://forums.kleientertainment.com/files/file/950-extended-sample-character/ , with this u can just edit the pngs and the animationpipline automaticly converts the files into textures(see the linked tutorial in there). it also has a better resolution than the old charactertemplate and a bunch of other advantages.

on the other hand, if u wanna keep using the textools, i once converted a charactertemplate with 4 times the resolution of the original template and it worked perfectly and i had a character with 4 times the resolution ingame. iam not sure though, what drawbacks this might have, i went back to the normal resolution since i didnt need it.

another thing to make a character look better at this resolution is to draw them at a higher resolution and then skale them to a lower one, a good imageprogram like gimp will smoothen everthing, which usually looks pretty good. but this tip is even in the old tutorials.

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