[Gameplay] - Reset when one person dies

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Reset when one person dies

Issue Description: Me and my friend had gotten into a tight spot so we skipped out of the server to get the script lines to reset our health to 100, or try to spawn some life amulets.

When I logged out I had one hit left. I was the server host so I logged back in first. I died right upon logging back in because trees are evil. At that time it began the world reset counter. It continued to reset after my friend logged in.

We couldn't save ourselves anyways because we couldn't get the scripts working, I expect it was user error, so no worries on that.

I just figured that was something that could be changed :)

Steps to Reproduce: 2 players try to die.

both log out.

Host logs in first and succeeds in dying.

Other person logs in it before reset complete.

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First off, welcome to the forums but this is the wrong subforum. DST Bug Reports should be submitted through this.

Secondly, if you were playing on your own dedicated server as admins you should press CTRL before typing any code for the server to read/execute your console commands. Otherwise refer to this wikipage for the correct console commands for DST.


Hopefully that helps, cheers.

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