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Is there any way that I can put an announcement from server?

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Just like when some one enter or leave there is an announcement:

" XXX has joined/left the game "

I'm not always in the game, but I keep a "screen" to check is the server works well.

So when other players join the game, I wish there is a way that I can communicate with them, not in game, but directly using the server client, for example, speak as Host, or is there a way which I can send an annoucement manually as an admin?


To step further, can we set an "welcome message" to the player who joined the game, like an auto-announcement, but not public( only the player who just joined the game sees the message).

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You can use the console to speak to people in-game.  c_announce("Something To Say") is the general syntax.


I know you can also set up announcements, rezecib showed me once, but I forget what it is.  Try searching for it, it's in the dedicated server forum iirc.

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