[General] - Interacting with objects sometimes blackscreens. [Server issue?]


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Category: General

Issue Title: Interacting with objects sometimes blackscreens. [server issue?]

Issue Description: My husband and I have been playing DST[RoG] together, he has been hosting the server.

Occasionally, my husband will interact with an object (Usually it involves him attacking it) and the server will lock up briefly, I will warp around on my screen and resume my daily functions. However, my husband's game will "recover" only to sit forever at a black screen. His character will be in the world but, he won't see anything.

Stopping the server via Alt-F4ing will (understandably) roll the server back a few minutes.

Steps to Reproduce: It is difficult to reproduce, as it doesn't seem to have a distinct trigger. Sometimes, he's attacking things (And likely to never actually strike, but he'll go to attack it and the issue crops up), or he'll be opening something, or sometimes we'll just be walking along and it will happen.

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