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Krampus Bag


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to get krampus sack more easly, i have suggestion you must have 2 or 3 sleep darts save the game after u meet krampus or spawn krampus because you naughty enough hehehe, drop 1 or 2 item and stay away from krampus with the item in the middle of screen, then save the game again,wait until krampus go for pick up the item, then you shoot with sleep dart, if krampus go sleep dont attack it, first you go near it then save the game again, then you just kill it with spike 2 time, if it dont drop krampus back, just alt-f4 en start kill the krampus again and again and again hahahahaif from start its not going well just alt + f4, and you must back up the game file(remote) to another folder

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