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  1. In the cold, lonely nights of Don't Starve I have would have grown weary without companionship. Fortunately Maxwell old buddy, old pal, old chum is here, making sure the fire doesn't get too low. But mostly just standing there...
  2. When you give meat to a Pig they aren't permanently tamed. I'm not sure exactly how long each food item lasts, but unless you continue feeding each Pig they will eventually stop following/assisting you and try to go back home.
  3. Nice world gen Super Sandwich. I've gotten a few interesting wedge-shaped peninsulas on some islands (old world gen). They make nice defendable bases!
  4. Yes, it is good to keep in mind that Don't Starve is still in the beta. Once Sanity and Winter come out things will get much more complicated (and difficult) making the dangers already present even more imposing.
  5. If you are trying to grow more trees, you only want harvest the largest, tier 3 Evergreen. Just to clarify this there are 5 kinds of Evergreen Trees: These four produce 1 Stump when cut, which can be dug with a Shovel to make 1 Wood. Small Evergreen: 5 axe hits, 1 Wood Medium Evergreen:10 axe hits, 2 Wood, 1 Pinecone Large Evergreen: 15 axe hits, 3 Wood, 1 Pinecone Shriveled: 1 axe hit, 1 pinecone. Charred: 1 axe hit, 1-3 Charcoal (size-based), and 1-2 Pinecone (size-based). Treeguards can spawn from any Medium Evergreen or Large Evergreen when you begin chopping that tree or one nearby. Treeguards also have a higher rate of spawning if they are in a Forest biome (brown soil).
  6. As of Dec. 7 Honey heals 20 Health, and 2 Hunger.
  7. Wolfgang is Soviet. His english is broken, and if you have him examine a Hammer he'll say "Needs a sickle."
  8. I've seen Pigs or Spiders spawn in the water, if their house/nest is close enough to the shore but never this.
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number 70861 Issue title Gravecheater Steps to reproduce 1. Sleep/wait out night near Grave(yard) with Shovel(s). 2. Dig up Grave(s). 3. Undesired result? Close browser. 4. Restart Don't Starve, wake up try grave again until desired result. Describe your issue Don't Starve autosaves each morning, and Gravedigger items seem to be % drop based, not a predetermined drop from each Grave on map generation, it is very easy to sleep/wait night out near a Grave(yard) and continually retry your luck. Lots of ghosts spawned, no amulets spawned? Not a problem, just close the game (without saving) and try again! Here are 3 different attempts clearing a Graveyard (of 14 Graves), each attempt had quite different results. Trial 1: 1 Amulet 2 Ball in Cup 2 Desiccated Tentacles 0 Fake Kazoo 0 Frazzled Wires 2 Ghost 0 Gnome 1 Gord's Knot 0 Hardened Rubber Bung 1 Melty marbles 1 Mismatched Buttons 3 Second-Hand Dentures 1 Tiny Rocketship Total: 57 Gold, 2 Ghost, 1 Amulet. Trial 2: 1 Amulet 0 Ball in Cup 3 Desiccated Tentacles 2 Fake Kazoo 1 Frazzled Wires 1 Ghost 0 Gnome 1 Gord's Knot 0 Hardened Rubber Bung 1 Melty Marbles 1 Mismatched Buttons 2 Second-Hand Dentures 1 Tiny Rocketship Total: 64 Gold, 1 Ghost, 1 Amulet. Trial 3: 1 Amulet 2 Ball in Cup 1 Desiccated Tentacles 2 Fake Kazoo 0 Frazzled Wires 3 Ghost 1 Gnome 2 Gord's Knot 1 Hardened Rubber Bung 0 Melty marbles 0 Mismatched Buttons 1 Second-Hand Dentures 0 Tiny Rocketship Total: 50 gold, 3 Ghost, 1 Amulet
  10. Currently Smallbirds still don't grow up, even after 20+ days.
  11. The best way I've found to kill Swamp Monsters is to either recruit a lot of Pigmen (~10) or find/plant a tier 2-3 Spider Nest that is near one.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform Steam Chrome Version Number 70861 Issue title Cursor = Item Storage Steps to reproduce 1. Inventory completely full. 2. Click Item not in inventory (ground, chest, or harvested), Item is now hovering as cursor. 3. Click on ground to "Walk" towards. 4. Repeat Step 3, so that "Walk" to location is not reached, and item is not dropped. Free 1 storage space. Describe your issue It is possible and quite easy to access an additional 1 inventory space by having a filled inventory, selecting an item not in the inventory, and selecting a location to walk to. The item will continue to hover on the mouse, and can be kept "floating" by repeatedly walking.