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Cave Walls

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 After the Hungry For Your Hunger update, we don't have any more cave walls in caves. It takes away the feeling of a subterranean environment for me, so I think it'd be pretty nice if there was an option to turn on or off cave walls. There doesn't have to be any in the ruins, I just want that cavernous feel back, rather than just feeling I'm in a modified version of the surface.

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No, oh god no. You could not see behind them and they often killed the framerate or just looked bad.

Well, I said that it would be nice for it to be an option, meaning you can turn on (or off) the cave walls. Kinda like one of those graphical options that can be turned off to help slow computers. There should at least be a mod of this, and it's just my opinion that the walls made caves seem more like a cave.
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