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How can I delete a user from my server so they can change their character?

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Hello dears,


me and my friend are encountering this problem: She'd like to change her character, but we tried everything but nothing worked.


I found these topics regarding this before anyone tells me to look around: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/47902-how-to-change-characters-in-dont-starve-together/




and I tried all of the commands, changed them a bit, tried and tried and tried, but none of the commands worked. 

Any help? ;w; 



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c_despawn(AllPlayers[x]) should have worked in console.

x being the number of your friend in the table that pops up when you press TAB.


Are you on a dedicated server?

If you are a dedicated admin, you have to press Ctrl to issue remote commands.

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The number being the player. The number of the player can be found by pressing tab or a more accurate result, c_listallplayers() in console.


Make sure the person drops all of his/hers items before despawning of course.


Edit: Darnit, DarkXero beat me first xD.

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