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Can't see my server in server list

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Few days ago I have a problème with an Amazon Linux instance but it is solved with a fresh install on a Debian instance.



I think that I have properly started a dedicated server. You can see the logs here : https://gist.github.com/alexandre-butynski/cc2c24a5e986e4b38a1c.


I can see my server in this list : http://my.jacklul.com/dstservers/.


But my server doesn't appear in the in-game server list...



Any idea about what could I have missed ?


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Nobody has an idea about this issue ?


I'm still stuck on this error and I'm frustrated because my level of comprehension of the mechanisms of Don't Starve dedicated server is very low. Isn't there a more technical and complete documentation ?

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Hi @butosh,


sorry for late answer


do you have open port on your firewall?


can you try to connect on your server with this command:


c_connect("serveripaddress", port, "password")


i have find old topic with admin have same problem of you:






i hope that's help you




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