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How do I spriter?

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So to be brief, I wanted to use the Houndius Shootius projectile as my new characters staff attack but the problem is that the projectile is set way to high!(Obviously so it can accommodate the eyeturret build).


I thought it'd be like my other item where all I had to do is tweak the numbers in notepad++ but this is different. It has frames, so I have to make sure all the frames are lowered.


Well I tried to do it one-by-one and adjusting the each frame by eye..but you can guess that went horribly wrong.


Is there an alternate way to do this? I just want to lower all the frames so it doesn't look like my character is casting something above her head.

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@Corrosive, Thanks for helping me out! Provided is the eye-turret projectile I want to change.


I don't know how to specify in all honestly, but just going by eye, I think putting all the objects right at the center where all four lines intersect(In Spriter) would probably be the best.


Much appreciated if you can do it!



Eyeturret projectile.zip

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@Corrosive, Ah! This is wonderful! Her new projectile now looks more dangerous than her last one!


But can I request just a teensy bit higher? Right now the projectile glides along the floor, so its on footlevel of the character. Can you place it where it would appear near the upper torso level of the character?


Thank you very much! I hope the tool that your developing comes out soon as it takes away the stress from eyeballing everything.



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It's still a wee bit off but I'm done hounding on ya to fix it.



Other than that, im content!


Anyway, thanks again! If I do hit a snag i'll make sure to post again in this thread.

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