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animation: is it possible to make a charecter appear to "hover?"

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I have a character I am working on, that generally hovers or flies instead of walking. I thought I might be able to exchange all the leg and foot parts to make her look as if she is hovering, but it didn't work to well on my first attempt, SOOOOOO...... I thought maybe i'd ask general population if anyone has ever attempted or tried to do this before. And if it's even possible to create the animation myself piece by piece (which I started to begin to do) 


I started, then I thought, I'd better ask before delving too deep into the project, only to be slammed down by reality that is impossible to do....hmmmmm.....might as well as this too.


Is it feasible to spawn a creature in the ocean tiles? or is that also impossible, for a completely separate problem. 

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