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Reign of Giants public test: April 13th Update

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@CharlesB, PeterA have told me, that he's going to convey my request to you (He said Charles, so that's why I'm addressing to you :-) ).
I'm still curious, if you've had a chance to investigate this, and I want to know, if it possible to fix this or not.
I assume, that the problem is much more complex, than it looks at first sight, because windows uses 8-bit implementation of input and 8-bit codepages, which are language-specific. At the same time linux may (just guessing) use full unicode implementation of text I/O, which yields a constant headache to you and other DS dev's, because of that our lua is totally 8-bit.
The easiest thing to do here is just to provide pure unicode input flow, however in that case people will see double and triple byte sequences instead of desired symbols.
The second thing you can do is to use standard lookup tables in accordance to windows ansi codepages, which basically are national unicode symbols, perfectly mapped to 8-bit range. Of course this will mean that you should built in those codepages into the game core.
But I might be totally wrong, so you're free to laugh on my fancy thoughts :-)
Anyway, to put it briefly, I'll be happy, if you answer me, how do matters stand with this stuff :-)

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