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Don't Starve Together Community?!?!?

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So I've been having a hard time to find more people to play with and I didn't know where to post a thread like this XD.


I'm the creator of an online gaming community called Sugoi and right now we're using Don't Starve Together as a transition game as we wait for the next big MMORPG to come out (Crowfall)... I want to create this thread and see if I could get more people to play this game together since we think this game is a lot of fun and this would be a good chance to meet new people :). If you're interested in joining the community and playing with new people post here on this thread or apply here http://sugoi.shivtr.com/ . Or come visit me on my stream to join in because we play this game pretty much every day. twitch,tv/cuddlesthepanda1

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