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Random server disconnection

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Bug 1:

tick_rate used: 10


So I have reported this before but there never really was an answer, my server somehow keeps throwing everyone out time to time with the following reason:


[01:33:38]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|60016
[01:33:38]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|56356
[01:33:38]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|64065
[01:33:38]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|54671
[01:33:38]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|63896
[01:33:38]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|64444
[01:33:38]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|50325
[01:33:38]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|49614



[00:41:02]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|10999
[00:41:02]: PushNetworkDisconnectEvent With Reason: "ID_CONNECTION_LOST", reset: true

I am using mods and my server it's network is 350mbps up/down, 1GB Port speed and 10GB Network speed. I keep trying to figure out what is causing it but I am completely clueless.

Bug 2:

For some reason as server keyholder/owner/(admin?) whenever I have joined for a longer while and leave the server, everyone get's kicked/disconnected (as shown in the server log), I have no clue what this is being caused by but it keeps happening occasionally.
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