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Help Beefalo Herding !

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Hey guys, first time posting here !
I'm playing don't starve rog, and i'm building my base and i want to make a beefalo pen next to my base, i already built the walls for the area i want to put the beefalo in.
When i first went and lured beefalo from their savanna while wearing my beefalo hat and using beefalo horn, i put them in the pen and sealed it off, but they keep trying to escape by walking into the walls. They were at mating season btw.

Can someone help me and tell me exactly how to make them stay there permanently ? Thank you very much

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First off Welcome! Second, exactly how close are you moving them to your base? Third, how far have you moved them from their original herd grounds?



I don't recommend enclosing beefalo right next to your base where you spend the night, perhaps a couple frames away from your base. When they go in heat they will try to kill you unless you plan to just wear an endless supply of beefalo hats. Also Beefalo will always try to go back to their original home and be with the rest of their herd. You have to keep them fully enclosed until they forget where they came from. Once they forget they won't try to get out anymore. Also pay attention to if your beefalo are from multiple herds, this could cause an annoying problem as some will stay and others will try to sneak back. Also that means they may go into heat on different times (also annoying)

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