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Resolution Settings Bug?

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So, I own the Steam version of Don't Starve with Reign of Giants. Since I want the game to run without much lag, I wanted to set the resolution down. The default is 1600 X 900 but for some reason, whenever I set it to anything lower, it goes back to the default. Is this a bug? I would just like to find a way to set the game at a lower quality. Is there anyway to do that?

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Hmm, it sounds like your game settings aren't saving properly. Try this; fully close/exit out of the game then open up your "settings.ini" file in your "Documents\Klei\Donotstarve\" folder and manually change the resolution in the document to the resolution that you prefer to play in.

For example, 
fullscreen_width = 1920 
fullscreen_height = 1080
Save and close "settings.ini" and run Don't Starve, this should allow you to play in your preferred resolution.
If that does not work, delete your "settings.ini" file; this should reset your game's graphics and resolution to their default settings and should allow you to change it in game properly.
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