[Client Crash] - ridiculus cause of lag


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: ridiculus cause of lag

Issue Description: i host a server for me and my girlfriend to play on and for some reason my girlfriend lags until she dc's. my pc specs are a intel pentium b960 2.20 ghz dual core cpu, a 4 gig ddr3 ram, a intel r hd graphics gpu @ 1664 mb video memory. so i am above the reqiurements but when i host the server dstb runs at 50-70%cpu usage by itself, and 30-40% memory usage, under 5% network usage so i dont understand why i go from good host to ok host and my girlfriend stays at a constant 80-90 ping.

also my speed is 40.69mbs down,5.08mbs transfer/ 4.34mbs up, 0.54MBS transfer/

latency 24.3/ jitter 6

Steps to Reproduce: start server friend joins friend lags out and dc's

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Could you provide us the content of your girlfriend's system DxDiag? Are they trying to connect to the server via Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection?


Is she downloading or torrenting in the background while trying to connect? Does she have any programs (like security software, firewall, etc..) that's running in the background that could be affecting the game's connection?


Is she having the same issue when connecting to other servers online? 

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