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Should we be able to murder people on non-PvP servers?

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So I'm wondering about the pan-flute.  This didn't really occur to me as being possibly problematic until I ran into myself, but you can murder people on non-PvP servers with it.


Basically:  Since the pan-flute does work on players in DST, just like on other mobs, you can put someone to sleep and then kill them with environmental effects.


The instance I saw was in winter, using a flingomatic to put out fires built near an unconscious player (which then made them completely wet, which then leads to freezing death).  But it occurred to me that it's broader than that, I could use a pan-flute during any season and then put down some flammables next to the other player and light them on fire, the fire should then kill the person quite handily.


This has me questioning the non-PvP-ness of non-PvP servers.  Is it intended that it be possible to murder someone on a non-PvP server or is this something that should be fixed?


(I'll say that regardless of Klei's intent, and regardless of whether they fix it or not, if I find someone doing this on my dedicated servers they're gonna eat a ban, I set the servers to non-PvP so they'd be noob-friendly, I won't have people being murdered by surprise if I can help it.)

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Panflutes sure need some reworking for multiplayer, being able to instantly put an enemy to sleep (10 times even steven) can definitely kill him without that much of an effort, in both PvP and non-PvP servers.

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