[General] - beefalo hat not persist through disconnect


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: beefalo hat not persist through disconnect

Issue Description: so i host my own server for rog test branch, solo play. i know when you disconnect you log back in and the eyebone is there on the ground where you logged out...

but one thing i've noticed twice on two different worlds... i find a beefalo hat (not crafted) and i use it just fine for a long time, several winters in fact. even repair it up and such with the sewing kit... but when i log out and back in it sometimes comes up missing.

not in my inventory. not laying on the ground near my location. just gone.

basically i played for 102 days non-stop yesterday (i know, not healthy :p ) and when i logged back in today my beefalo hat is vanished again.

and trust me. i did not allow the hat to degrade. it was repaired with sewing kit.

Steps to Reproduce: idk. best guess: find a beefalo hat set piece and log out with it in your inventory. see if it vanishes from your game when you log back in?

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