[Server Crash] - I can't see other people's server.


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: I can't see other people's server.

Issue Description: I turn on the Don't starve and press play button,but no servers are shown.In first I was like "okay ill play another game.",but the next day it was shown like this "servers(o of 1630 shown)".Please help me I want to play this game.

Steps to Reproduce: I wrote everything in the issue Description

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Hmm, it could be that your filters are set to a weird or unusual setting that isn't allowing you to see anything. First off, try resetting your server filters on the server listings page to see if that resolves the issue. See the attached image for info: 




If that does not help, you may need to update your game to the latest version. 

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