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HELP Compiler?/Potions?

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Hello, I am new to the modding community and I just have a few questions.


Firstly, is there anywhere where i can download a compiler as opposed to running and testing mods just by running DST and hoping it doesn't crash?


Secondly, I am currently working on a character mod. I have the character working but I have now moved on to try and add custom craftable items for him.




That is the link to the mod as it is on the Steam community, don't worry, I have the creators permission to work on it. 


Being a doctor, the Items that I was hoping to add were potions that he could craft out of things like berries and jerky, or something to that extent, I can always change the recipe later. I have tried a couple things like looking at various guides or changing someone else's code in hopes that it will run but it has always crashed. Keep in mind that the mod off the community page works just fine as a stand alone character with custom stats, so it must be something that I am doing that is causing the crash but without a build output it is very hard for me to know what I need to change. Any help is appreciated, Thanks



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@wheatley44087, If you go into the mod tool's files, for me:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Don't Starve Mod Tools\mod_tools\autocompiler.exe

That's what runs when you start the game. You can run it manually, make a shortcut, whatever.


Edit: I might've misinterpreted what you meant. Lua is an interpreted language, with a custom environment for DST, so generally speaking, for debugging, running DST and hoping it doesn't crash is actually the best way to debug. The crash messages are pretty helpful (look at the log.txt) and will almost always tell you exactly where you're going wrong. You can use c_reset() on the console in game to reload the save slot, which will let you test small changes to the mod faster (as long as they don't crash).



This mod has a number of potions that you can use as examples of how to implement them. It is a mod of moderate complexity, though, so it's possible they've done something unusual to make writing their content easier.


This one seems to be focused just on potions, so more examples.

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