Underworld World Setting.

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I'm having a pretty good amount of fun in the underworld, so I thought it might be a bit of a gas to make it a bit more of a central part of the game with a special world creation setting.



-The world resembles the Archipelago adventure map. Several small islands, but instead of being linked by wormholes they're linked by sinkholes into one gigantic underworld.

-The starting area is generated so the player will have the resources they need to prepare for the underworld. (Good allocation of materials for Miner Hats, Etc.)

-Terrain in the caves would be set up to make more areas interconnected, rather than the narrow and winding passageways common to the existing caves.


Addressing the relatively same-y ecology of a now vastly expanded cave network could be done by combining the Ruins/Caves areas into one setting while maintaining the Biome distinctions.


Other ideas:

-In addition to Regular and Sickly Wormholes, perhaps some wormholes could start out in a juvenile state, open at one end but still growing at another. Feeding them a rare food could open up new shortcuts or entirely new areas.

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