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Need a little guidance on a mod and some widgets!

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Alrighty, so I made this mod called 'The Chester Family'. Now, here's the issue


So this bug we were totally unaware of until I had some friends playing on my server and they tried accessing bluster (currently he is the only chester added into the game with this mod. We are working on two more chesters as well but this snag has set things back a bit)


When a player who is not the host of the server accesses the added in chester from the mod, the game will crash. From the log and what I remember my friend sending me, it said a lot of stuff (looks jibberish to me because we've been shooting through the dark this entire time) about widgets.


If someone would please take a look at the mod and tell me what is going on in this things head, that would be most helpful. Please and Thankyou!

Forgot to mention this mod is for Don't Starve Together.

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