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I think Naughtiness should definitely affect the way your character(s) interact with the world in ways other than summoning the Krampus.


A naughty player should have more aggro on enemies -- the enemies should see them from farther away, and they should be higher on the priority list than less naughty players.


As with the above, otherwise neutral enemies like a pacified treeguard should target very naughty players.


Naughty players should also have a percent chance for any of the following to occur:

  1. When planting a flower, it may become an evil flower.
  2. Higher chance for treeguards to spawn near them.
  3. A higher chance for lightning to strike them directly.
  4. A higher chance to get a ghost when digging graves.
  5. A chance for an extra hound or two to spawn during hound attacks.
  6. A chance for rabbits, butterflies, bees, etc. in their inventory to escape and flee

A good counterbalance for this would be for very naughty players to take less of a sanity drain around monsters and at night or have reduced damage from certain monsters.

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