Solved saves being erased after pc restart with steam!

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Do exactly this:

-Open Steam (by double clicking icon)

-Make sure Steam Cloud Synchronization is enabled (to do this click "steam" in upper left hand corner, -> settings -> Downloads+Cloud [tab] -> check box that says "enable Steam Cloud synchronization for applications which support it" Once enabled click "ok")

-Open Don't Starve (You can "x" out steam if you wish)

-Load new save (if you don't currently have one)

-When done playing "esc" -> "save & exit"

-Exit Don't Starve after saving game

-Go back to steam (Open if not already opened) Click "steam" in upper left hand corner, -> Exit

-Wait for cloud to sync.

Steam should then close and you will be safe to shut down your computer and Save should retain.

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