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Category: General

Issue Title: Problem with registration

Issue Description: My sister sent me a copy of the game do not starve together and I installed but as I write this I click PLAY that I must have an account on a KLEI? - Or something like that well and I need to provide an email and date of birth, well, I gave and I click register and nothing happens! ! HELP

Steps to Reproduce: I'd love to play online but I can not

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Hey there, do you happen to have Steam Overlay disabled for Don't Starve Together? Could we get you to disable Steam Overlay and try registering for an account one more time?


Also, could we get you to try the steps in our Don't Starve Together account creation guide? If you hit a snag or if you're having trouble with a particular step in the guide, please let us know which one it is and we'll look into your issue further. (Maybe post a screenshot or two as well)

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