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Spriter / How to call individual folders that is thrown graphics ?

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I have some questions about the program „Spriter”


● To, filaments folders throw graphics ?

● Is the artwork must have the same name as the folder ?

● How to call individual folders that is thrown graphics ?



If you want to do in Don't Starve item that just lying on the ground and we can pick it up for equipment is doing so: ( example ) : nitre


  • I make modifications in your folder „exported” and subfolders:


► exported

► anim

► nitre


  • in the "nitre" I put the picture ( png ) with the same name: „nitre"

  • I open the program „Spriter” and choose:


► New Project...

► my mod

► exported

► anim

► nitre


  • then show me the 2 folders:


► entity_000

► NewAnimation


  • which will replace for:


► nitre

► idle


  • to your "idle" drag image (png), who was added called "nitre"

  • Then I save the project in „scml”

  • when you turn on the game "Don't Starve" object "nitre" looks and works very well



I created the character, to which I want to add cottage that would be placed the example on the ground like a tent. House would have only one graphics.


Spriter open and do the same as I wrote above, but somewhere I do a mistake, I miss a folder, or graphics as a holiday is not working properly.


I tried to add an addition to your "idle" folder "hit" but the house still does not work properly...


I would like to add to this house in the future, the smoke that wydobywałby from the chimney.

Smoke contain 3 graphics. For a total of 4 images would be: home, smoke1, smoke, smoke3. Where in this case, to throw images with smoke, to which folder ?


I beg you, help !

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Hey, I can see that English is not your native language so I'm not sure if I completely understand what you're asking. 


I think the easiest way for me to help would be for you to zip up your spriter project and attach it here so I can take a look.





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