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No survial_# Generated

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I am trying to import a map by hosting it and having it generate in the Client and then transfering the Survival_# file into the dedicated server directory. However no survival_# file is being generated when I host a server via the client. Has the directory or file name of the map been changed? Thanks!

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No, the maps load normally between different server slots in the client. There is just no longer a survival_# file generated for the new worlds. Some of my old worlds generated in the client still have them though. This seems to be a issue with only new worlds I have generated.

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 - Deleted entire DoNotStarveTogether directory from Documents.


- Disabled all mods


- Hosted new server through client and finished world generation.


Still no survival_# file generated. They must have changed the way maps are handled in the file structure. Anyone have updated steps for importing a custom map to the Dedicated Server directories after using the client to generate?

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well i have make some test


indeed the survival file is no longer generate either on the client side or the server side

it seems that the system is different as before

for custom map, just create the map on the client side with your settings, then just upload file "saveindex" on your server, and restart the server

join your server and you can see it's same map, to see if the custom settings are applied, leave the server, and check the view world

anyway I do this manipulation on my test server and it works






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