Looking for an experienced artist to help out a nerd.


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Hey there don't starve dudes and dudets(is that how you spell it?)


I'm currently making a super top secret character mod and i'm am near completion, cept' I need an artist. I currently have an artist who can make the "bigscreen portrait" thingy, but I need an experienced artist who can do the model and the save-screen and select-screen portraits. A minimap icon would be awesome aswell. I am very willing to commission if that's your thing (and give you tons of credit of course, maybe even an internet highfive), or not if thats not your thing. If you're interested, drop a comment or email/pm me. My steam id is Scally Cat


Its been too long that I've had to stare at my terrible attempt of a model ;-; Please help. It burns my eyeball every time I have to look at it.


P.S I love you


P.S.S If you are into anime and like apples that could be beneficial

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