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Weird error related to API version 6

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I have the GOG version of the game. I know my game is updated and has been updated since the release of version 6.


I have had a lot of mods a tried to use crash on enable. I finally got around to looking in the API files and i noticed that only the mods using API 6 crashed while mods using API 5 worked just fine.


Changing the API version from 6 to 5 in all the mod files made most of the mods that crashed and wouldn't work, work just fine.


Why would this be, it seems my game doesn't have version 6 or something. I know it is updated at least since the release of that API and to the lastest version.


Is it because it is the GOG edition?

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Is it because it is the GOG edition?

Yes, I'm not sure but I could be because GOG doesn't have the most recent version.

GOG.com isn't an official place to get don't starve so there is no guarantee that it is the most recent version.

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