[General] - Updated game 3/13 - Maps are reset?


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Category: General

Issue Title: Updated game 3/13 - Maps are reset??

Issue Description: Haven't played in a few days but received the update for today and when I display my map, it has been reset back to default. (Like I never explored any part of the map)

I'm playing a LAN game.

This happened in my new LAN game (roughly 20 days into it) and my older LAN game (almost hitting 300 days).

Steps to Reproduce: I logged into local LAN game, press M to look at map.

Exited steam several times and restarted. Tried 3 different hosted games on two different PCs on the same LAN - same results.

We tried to input the map reveal code (~ button then the GetWorld etc) to get us by, but once we typed it in, nothing happened. No error or confirmation that it took the code and it didn't display the map either.

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