[Commission] Looking to have Custom Char. Mod Made. Will Pay $$!


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Looking to have a custom character made. My sister is also looking to have two characters made and I will post them below mine. Prices can be discussed if you are interested in picking up the commission. We are looking for someone who can do the style of DS but are willing to look at everyone who is interested in picking this up.


First off my character ((Whom I believe will be relatively simple)) : 



Low hunger but hunger decreases slowly.
Average sanity. 
High health.
Runs fast but hits weak.
Wears furs so she doesn't get cold easy.
Killing enemies gives a small damage buff.
100 Hunger
150 Sanity
200 Health
Below is a link to a basic picture of my character to work with. Shes fairly simple and I would edit the sprites myself but I am not fluent in modding.
If you are interested in doing this for me please leave me a message here, we can discuss prices as needed and I am willing to listen to all offers should there be more than one!!
The characters my sister would like made are a bit more complex than mine design wise, please note I am only looking for inquiries on prices for the two below. Should someone be interested in picking them up I will be contacting my sister to hash out details with the Artist / Modder. Please post in the forum if interested for these characters as well.
Character 1:
Average health
Low hunger
Average sanity, slower sanity loss (75% of normal sanity drain)
Pale green glow in the dark, slightly less than a torch at full hunger, decreases as hunger lowers until fire fly radius/intensity at <25% hunger. 75%, 50%, 25% thresholds
Can eat any meat and fish, any spoilage but 2/3rd value from veggies
Walking cane running speed in bad weather (snow, rain)
1.25x Damage modifier
150 Health
100 Hunger
150 Sanity

Below is a link to the way this character looks: ((This character is a furry/anthro character))



Character 2: 


Average Hunger, Hunger decreases slowly
Average Sanity
High Health
Runs Fast
Furry so doesn't get cold easy


Moves slower and higher sanity drain in water unless wearing a straw hat or umbrella.


200 Heatlth
150 Hunger 
150 Sanity


Below is a link to the way this character looks: ((This character is a furry/anthro character))




It seems like a lot and I am sorry if its jumbled, this is my first time doing something like this. Dialog for each character can be discussed and thought over with the artist/mod. Thank you so much for reading and I hope to hear back from you!!

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