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[Help]How could I determine the eater?

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I make a new food item, the food could change character property(like temperature),  but I don't want the monster(spider, hound...) or pigman eat it, because the monster seems not this components(temperaturem talk...), How could I do?


My code:
local function oneaten(inst, eater)  -- Must determine eater is not a character  -- How to do??  if eater not character then  -- I need the code.     return  end  -- Do something for character	end

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In your character's prefab

local function oneat(inst, food)    if food and food.components.edible and food.prefab == "yourfoodprefab" then        inst.components.health:DoDelta(numberToChangeHealthBy)        inst.components.hunger:DoDelta(numberToChangeHungerBy)    end    end

As to how to do something like temperature I have no idea. My only guess would be looking at something you know changes temperature by using it.




In your character's prefab master_postinit

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if not eater:HasTag("player") then

for the check and,

local temp = eater.components.temperature:GetCurrent() + 5local maxtemp = eater.components.temperature.maxtempif temp < maxtemp then   eater.components.temperature:SetTemp(temp)else   eater.components.temperature:SetTemp(maxtemp)end

for the temperature.

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