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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Connection issue.

Issue Description: I can't play on my friends server.

Every time I connect, it's ok, game running well. But when pass few minutes, a lag just come to me and screw everything I'm doing. Five second delay, and no matter what I do this lag never leaves.

If I try to reconnect, the same thing happens. Game running ok, pass five minutes and oasidlhkas.

Host always with a good connection, my ping always in 60 or less. And this always happens to me, none of my other friends have this kind of problem.

If i do some actions like pick up a flower, it spend the animation, but no item shows up to my backpack. The first flowers just shows up after I get the fourth.

Firewall off.

Antivirus off.

Game running as admin.

All permitions to the game folder.

Already checked the integrity of files in steam property.

Already tried the No Lag mod.

I tested in two different notebooks, but I guess this is a kind of connection problem.

A symbol always shows up on top left of screen, showing that my connect isn't fine.

If I try to host a server, my problem happen to them.

Help me, dunno what to do anymore. :<

Steps to Reproduce: 1- Open the game.

2- Connect to any server.

3- This happen. :')

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