[New mod: FlapJack!] Need mentor for advanced character creation questions.


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Hey there! I ran into a few snags during my mod creation, mostly because of lack experience. Well, I need a push to get the mod live. A lot has to do with a misunderstanding on my part about functions, prefabs and behaviors. I am pretty much finished with the mod itself (artwork 80% done! basic scripts finished! etc.)

But I need someone I can learn from. Many forum posts have been helping me, but I occasionally hit walls and I don't exactly want to make those walls public.

If your interested, Please send me a pm, I'll tell you about the mod, and the direction I'm taking it, and where I am at with it. I don't need much help, with smaller things (like item creation) that I can look up myself.

In short, I need an experienced friend I can ask after I've spent more then 48 hours working on the same step.

Thank you for at least reading!

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Well, seems like I'm a bit over my head here, the characters are (mostly) created, but scripting has become a nightmare to me. Which has taken my time away from cleaning up the artwork. I'm getting the job done, but working on prefabs, stategraphs, and brains are driving me insane. And progress is practically at a stop for me.

If there is a modder with a bit of scripting experience out there who would like to collaborate on the mod, let me know. If anything, there no way you can wreck the scripts like this sapien.

Thanks everyone who has been helping me, I appreciate the veterans out there who contribute so much to the new modders. Even when we ask simple questions, you all seem to point us in the right direction, or give us the answer we where looking for.

Thank you!

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