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I need help with my crash (RPG HUD)

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Hello . I am not new to modding [ A skyrim modder :grin: ]. I have installed quite a few mods and i knew there probably would be problems but I have to find a solution !
Sooo...Please help if you can , i dont want to remove my mods ;(

My crash


And My Mods


P.S Bought Dont Starve Together and its awesome :D

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This mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=354982830

Caused crash, according to the error traceback.


In case you missed it, you should look into this if you created that mod and/or want to fix it:


modmain.lua, line 158, in function postfn

modutil.lua, line 56, in function _ctor

modutil.lua, line 63, in function Inv

controls.lua, line 65, in function _ctor

class.lua, line 98, in function Controls

playerhud.lua, line 195, in function oldSetMainCharacter

modmain.lua, line 629, in function SetMainCharacter


Just disable the mod if you simply want to play the game.

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It's probably a compatibility issue. Disable all the mods but RPG HUD. It should work fine alone. If so, just activate the others one at a time and see if they still crash until you find the icompatible one, then report back.

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BTW, I found this on the RPG HUD mod thread (which you should check first before posting anywhere else). Someone had the same issue as you, and we found the solution for him. I think it should work for you too.


Update to my previous comment: Here are the mods that appear to create this crash with RPG HUD: Better Compass, Rocky Fix, Recharge Gems, Ornamental Vase, Better Gunpowder, Craftable Skull Chest, Summons (some mods from steam some klei).


For the first three of those mods I did the following:

1.) Turned them on individually while leaving RPG HUD and my other mods ON --> resulting in an crash/RPG Error Message

2.) Turned them on individually w/ RPG HUD turned OFF and my other mods ON --> game loads fine

3.) Turned the new mod back off and reenabled RPG HUD --> game loads fine again.



Sorry for the late answer, but I didn't get notifications for the last 4 messages.


RPG HUD must have the same priority as those mods which is 1. I'll explain ; when the game loads mods, it checks for their priority values because some need to be loaded before others to avoid crashes. Creators can set the value to whatever they want or not set it at all (in this case it's automatically 1). RPG HUD needs to be loaded before those mods and since they have the same value, they are loaded in the order you enabled them. You can add this line to modinfo.lua in RPG HUD "priority = 1.05". That way, it will always load before them, regardless of the activation order.


PS : don't set the value higher, because I chose it to be 1 on purpose so that RPG HUD could work with many other popular mods like "Season Clock" or "Alway On Status", etc. 1.05 should be OK. If It conflicts with mods which it used to run well with, consider lowering the priority of Better Compass, Rocky Fix, Recharge Gems, Ornamental Vase, Better Gunpowder, Craftable Skull Chest, Summons instead (just add " priority = 0.95 " for example to their modinfo.lua).



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