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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Keybinding issues

Issue Description: I was going to make different posts for each problem like a good bug reporter but there is an enforced 8 minute break between bug reports so forget that.

1) Binding DO ACTION to Keypad Enter can cause problems depending on mouse cursor position. For example, stand next to a tree with an axe equipped. Put the mouse cursor over the map icon in the bottom right of the HUD. Press keypad enter (when bound to do action). Instead of chopping the tree, the map will open. The same effect is observed when the mouse cursor is over the crafting menu. The is very problematic during tense situations. Also, if you have the window open for, say build axe with the mouse cursor over the window and hit enter, you will build an axe. SOOOO many axes built on accident.

2)If you bind a button to open crafting menu and if you activate the crafting menu with that key then mouse selection will not work correctly. Only the bound movement keys will be able to cycle through the buildable items.

Bind OPEN CRAFTING MENU to keypad /. Press the button. Assuming it it open to tools by default, try clicking on another sub menu such as weapons or alchemy. Crafting menu will close.

3)bound keys get cleared to defaults every now and then (every 2 weeks or so?). No idea why or how to reproduce.

4) OK, not a bug, but I find the DO ATTACK with the bound key is very unintuitive. For example, go up to a beehive that you have not attacked yet. You hover the mouse cursor over the beehive and the Attack prompt shows up. You press the DO ATTACK button and nothing happens. I've had problems with this when hunting beefalo. I could not attack the beefalo chasing my friend with the attack key. My attack key is bound to keypad . (aka keypad del).

Steps to Reproduce: See above

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@EnderWigginDA, All the keyboard commands operate on the nearest thing. Mousing over things only affects mouse commands. Things like beehives and beefalo which you may not want to attack you may have to force-attack (ctrl+F by default). Granted, the keyboard hotkeys could benefit from some better in-game explanation.


I think the controls getting reset is something that can happen with patches.

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